Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thoughtful Customer..

I just had to tell you all that during our recent sale, one of our customers came in with blueberries that she had “just” picked at a local farm. She wanted to share some with us.
Her timing was just so perfect. We had been running all weekend and this was almost an out of body experience. Talk about stopping to smell the roses. Of course that aha didn’t actually occur until I was driving home later that day.
She is just one example of how all of you touch each other somehow in this crazy world. In fact, I didn’t know most of you before I opened the shop and look where we are 3 years later.
As another customer (and fellow Raveler) told me early into the shop, you will love ALL your customers; some when they come in and some when they leave. Truthfully, we only have had one or two (ok, well maybe three) that fall into the latter category.
“You” are what makes coming to work each day so enjoyable. (and that’s the reason we don’t have a shopping cart on our web site) - thanks

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