Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck: New York Sheep & Wool Festival

For those of you that missed the Rhinebeck show I have created a mini tour for you. The weather was gorgeous; the perfect day to be outside and amidst the many others who were there to enjoy the sheep auctions, sheep herding events, fiber, yarn and jewelry for sale, food, Ravelry get-together, special events and meeting cool folks.


I wore my mystery stole (photo) and everywhere we went I got stopped and asked about it (mainly those who haven't completed theirs - keep going I'd say, you'll love it when you are done). I was even interviewed for a pod cast so when I know when it will be broadcast, I'll let you know.

Terry wore his " I Work So She Can Knit" shirt
(photo) and he was an absolute hit.

He must have been asked by a dozen ladies if they could take his photo.


Terry and I started in Barn A so I could look at Golding spindles (yes, I bought one - I am almost too scared to try using it). Since we had to pass Socks that Rock (and there was no line to speak of) both Terry and I bought a skein or two. I must say the yarn is as soft as I imagined and the colors are terrific.
Terry purchased a lambskin for the baby booties project he is working on (photo).

Let's see, I also purchased a lovely shawl pin from Moving Mud, and a bit of fiber to spin.

We toured the barns to view sheep, alpaca, goats, rabbits (photo) and then got off our feet at the sheep auction. Careful! Scratching your nose might mean going home with a ewe.
After lunch I had the pleasure to meet "Mama E" (Erin) of C*EYE*BER*FIBERS (photo) who is shipping us her gorgeous sock yarn and spinning fiber TODAY! You will be amazed at her colorwork. Of course we ran into several friends and customers. Next time I'll remember Lisa's great idea of bringing a small cooler so I can buy cheese. And wine, organic bread, dip mixes, cookies, etc.

We got off our feet again watching the border collies herd sheep (I forgot to take a picture). If you ever watched the movie Babe, this is the real thing. The dogs are incredible, even with the most stubborn of sheep. Later, there was a dog/frisbee event but we missed that.

The drive to and from over the back roads of Connecticut was a treat as well. The foliage was delightful and just being together on a day off from work was the perfect date.
Back to work! Laura

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Starts & Finishes

This has been an incredible October! I finished Matt's Christmas gift sweater (photo) made out of sock yarn on size 2 needles. I love it! I hope he does too. (I don't believe he reads my blog so I'm not worried about spilling the beans...)


Berroco Jasper coat - I have one more sleeve seam to sew up (it's done - Deb was there) and it' s done - I'm liking it more and more. It's basically 5 rectangles sewn together; very freeform. The yarn is sooooo soft and the color only gets better and better. And I've heard that this yarn actually brightens when you felt it. But I don't think I'll be throwing my coat in the washer to see if this is true.


Rowan Kid Classic cabled pullover - it's all put together; I just need to pick up the neck stitches and do the turtleneck. This is a winner with lovely waistline shaping and large, lazy cables. It will be a class after the holidays (are you ready Val?).



Ravelery! I finally received my invite and actually set up three projects before I noticed that I misspelled my username. I don't know how to (or if I want to) delete my username as I might have to get back in line and wait a kazillion months to be re-invited. So maybe I will stick with my (now) silly user name. It's amazing what a difference one little letter can make.


Koigu, lace and wristlet - well, it was going to have beads but I couldn't find anything I liked so I knit a lace pattern instead.


Boxy Jacket - my own design! Half the back is done; more work tonight. It needs a kicky name, not Laura's Boxy Jacket. Well, I could call it the LBJ Jacket and then folks would ask what the LBJ stands for. Any ideas (sight unseen?)

I think that's enough for one month at this point. I need to get some of it into Ravelry. And if you haven't joined, what are you waiting for?

Later, Laura

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cat Bordhi's Coriolis Sock

While I've been busy knitting the Berroco Jasper coat (blocking as we speak), I've kept busy with a couple of Julie's Nutmeg Mitts trimmed in luscious angora for that special touch second Coriolis sock.
(I'm having the darndest time getting "spacing" to work. Can someone give me a hint on how to do this in my blog?)
I used a new sock yarn, Maxime Print, from Tahki Stacey Charles which has flecks of pink scattered throughout. Since I adore bead knitting, I added rose beads to the Coriolis swirl. No, I won't wear these with shoes, they are strictly "feet feeling yummy" socks. For the first sock I used a traditional toe up cast on (figure 8). For the 2nd sock I used Cat's moccasin cast on just to challenge myself into learning something new. The second sock goes so much more quickly once you've got the hang of the design. Oh, and I did an attached Icord bind off at the top to be consistent with the swirl.

If I were to do another Coriolis pair, I think I would lean towards a more solid color; I think a variegated yarn would hide the Coriolis too much and after all, that's the beauty of this sock!
Next up! Spindle spinning.... I took the plunge and enrolled in one of our own classes. After the first session I got, well, um, very frustrated and picked it up two days later. I am proud to say that I am no longer spinning super bulky thick and thin. In face, I have a nice little lace weight strand going at the moment. So, keep tuned; I'll show you some of my progress next time.

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