Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eclectic Sole Yarn Pack

For those of you who purchased the Eclectic Sole (or those of you who need to….) read on!
Today we received a yarn pack from Skacel. Each of the yarns featured in the book are now available. So if you’ve dreamed of one of the sock designs, now is your opportunity to purchase they very same yarn that was used to create those fantastic socks.
The fine print: only one skein of each design was sent so first come (or first reserve) and…. I do believe one, maybe two design colors are no longer available.

Check it out!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lots of new arrivals

I have good (Addi) news!
Not only are the Addi Click size 5 tips on their way, but also extra tips in sizes 4-9. (price ranges from $13.95 - $15.95) I did not order extra tips in the larger sizes (10-15) but I can if you need one.
I also have “cables sets” (one size 24, 32, 40 inch cord plus one extender in a package for $29.95) coming.
And 16inch lace needles in size 0-9 (again, they come larger but I didn’t order any of those. If you need one, jsut ask and I will get them too.)
If you would like me to put anything aside for you, just let me know.
Next???? Lace tips?????

Needle Gauge pendants in sweet colors make lovely (and functional) knitting jewelry.

Noro Silk Garden - 16 new fall colors are on the shelf and Abbey is working at the rest of the Noro order to get it stickered and on the shelves.

Stix Fix - restore your wooden needles with this wonderful lttle product from Knotty Girls. If you use wooden needles of any kind, this product should be in your notions bag. And if you are a DPN sock knitter, you definitely want to give your needles a tune up periodically.

Each day we are receiving orders - it's like Christmas in July at Creative Fibers.

Happy Knitting, Laura

Monday, May 11, 2009

Knitting, a Dangerous Hobby

I confess. What I am about to tell you is a true story. I am going to poke a little fun at myself.

I had been seaming a lovely Jennie Watson sweater knit in Manos Wildflowers. I have such little knitting time, I was making great progress and I couldn't wait until after dinner to finish up my side seam.

As I approached the couch, the viper of a tapestry needle impaled itself into my well padded derriere. I immediately jumped up and ran over to my devoted husband. He didn't even have to ask, he could see the yarn, followed by my sweater, being pulled across the den. Being an engineer, he quickly determined that I had sat down on the tapestry needle. I really don't think so! I believe the needle morphed into a Python (with its tail all coiled up) and was ready to attack!

So knitting can be a dangerous activity. You can be certain that I will scan the territory for wild critters more carefully in the future.

And please don't stress. My tetanus shot is up to date......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock Design Contest

Cherry Tree Hill (CTH) recently introduced a new version of their Super Sock yarn. It is "new" because it is a) a higher micron count which means is it even softer than before and still has that nice tight twist we love for socks, and b) the dye is a tonal varigation. Cheryl calls them "semi solids".

There are 30 colors and Cheryl outdid herself. Each of the colors is fantastic! Amy recently knit the ButtonJar Kimono in the sweetest rose color. (It is on our front display table with the yarn).

CTH is also sponsoring a Design Contest featuring this new yarn. You could win up to $1000 for your design. Check out the contest rules here:

Lastly, we are one of about 20 shops in the world (yep, Cheryl distributes this to England and beyond) that supply this great new yarn. Come check it out and get those design wheels rolling.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

49 Pounds of Koigu and ?? Pounds of Malabrigo are here!

Oh my gosh it's awesome!

New Malabrigo lace, silky merino, sock and worsted yarns. New colors, and old colors re-ordered (stone chat anyone?)

If we thought we had died and gone to heaven over the Malabrigo..... a 49 pound box of Koigu arrived this morning. Lots of Koigu Solids to coordinate with varigated colors.

We must have one of the best selections of Koigu on the east coast!

It's all here, we're putting stickers on fast as we can and we can't wait for you to see it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Malabrigo Order is in the mail

I just got word that my new order is shipping today. Not sure when it will arrive but I do have the invoice so I know what colors are coming (you are never quite sure.....)

lace: geranio and naturalsilky merino: purple mystery, ruprestre, party pink, and arlene's purple

socks:lettuce, velvet grapes, impressionist sky, stonechat, indiecita, turner, and abril

worsted: too many colors to list

and sadly, because we have been experiencing so much theft, the sock yarn will be in the glass case (in case you want to know where to look)

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