Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Square DPNs, The Social Network and Laura

Terry and I watched the Social Network last night and now Zuckerburg (or whatever) is in the news today because his facebook page was hacked. Isn't that how the whole thing got started at Harvard? Anyway, I am NOT (as you know by reading my blog) on the computer every minute like Mark Z is, not even every day. I would rather be making the shop be a wonderful knitting/crochet place or doing some of my own knitting or, yes, dear husband, spending time with you. But I am getting distracted.

Today the Kollage 6inch Double Pointed Needles (DPN's) arrived which prompted me to completely rearrange the needle department. I mean serious stuff. I must have lost a couple pounds moving all that stuff around. So, we now have a spinner with all the DPN's in "length" order.........5 1/2 inch birch, 6 inch bamboo, 6 inch metal, 7 inch metal, 7 1/2 inch birch and 8 inch bamboo. Then there were the oddballs, the Casein needles, and the steel 000 and 0000 needles. Whew, can you believe I was able to put all the puzzle pieces together and it even looks good.

That freed up space on the wall so I was able to neatly arrange the Straights and the circulars (the Addis and Colonial Rosewood circulars are still behind the register.)

I am so please with myself that I think I may go spend a little time crochetting a cute little project I am working on.

Enjoy this latest "blizzard" :) Laura

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