Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year to you all

Here's a quick recap of our New Year's Holiday in Saranac Lake, New York. Relatives are arriving and food needs to be prepped so I'll be brief.

This is my son-in-law Matthew modeling his Christmas gift, knitted on size 2 needles and sock yarn. It's done, he's wearing it ~ yippee!

And here's our ski day at Whiteface Mountain - I hadn't skiied since the shop opened ( 2 seasons) so I was a bit nervous but it all came back. Well, mostly.....

That night we had a lovely dinner at a German lodge/restaurant Homyer's (?) Lodge on Lake Clear. Their beer list is 7 pages long. The food is awesome! Like being in the Alps!

We slept in this morning and went cross country skiing this afternoon (in the kid's back yard that backs onto a state forest). We skiied for 2 hours and only saw one or two others. Lots of deer tracks and other little animal tracks - they're very lucky have this out their back door.

We'll be back home on Wednesday. We hope you all had a lovely holiday and we look forward to a wonderful 2008. Laura & Terry

Monday, December 3, 2007

Sally Melville's Visit

This icy Monday morning I dropped Sally Melville off at the airport after the most perfect weekend. Sally taught 2 technical workshops and 2 non-technical classes. We certainly are blessed to have her visit us! She can easily take complex material or techniques and break them down into simple, understandable steps. No wonder she designed the Einstein Coat. Maybe they're related.
Saturday morning was First Choices - Basic Shapes. Students calculated the perfect length for their sweaters besides having some fun while learning from the master.

they're measuring the length of their heads!
After lunch we dug into Stripes that Are and Stripes that Aren't
Sunday morning was all about Finishing our projects.
And Sunday afternoon was dedicated to dealing with Emergency Measures.
All of us learned much more than we ever anticipated. We laughed, we learned, we said goodbye to this dear Canadian knitting wizard.

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