Thursday, September 13, 2007

Matt's Christmas present

My wonderful son-in-law will finally receive his Christmas sweater present! I'm finishing up the final touches (neckband and hem). As you can see, I used self patterning sock yarn on size 2 needles and he is a healthy 6ft 3in sort of guy. With the shop and all, it's been a couple years in the making. I'm very pleased with it (Terry tried it on last night and the sleeves will be perfect) and I'm also glad it's almost on its way.
I include a bit about my (sometimes) need to knit perfectly; I started striping the sleeves to match the body of the sweater. This meant that I knit 2 rows, broke the yarn, and started the next two rows with the next stripe as the sleeves (at the wrists) are no where near as wide as the body of the sweater. Call me nuts!

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