Monday, May 11, 2009

Knitting, a Dangerous Hobby

I confess. What I am about to tell you is a true story. I am going to poke a little fun at myself.

I had been seaming a lovely Jennie Watson sweater knit in Manos Wildflowers. I have such little knitting time, I was making great progress and I couldn't wait until after dinner to finish up my side seam.

As I approached the couch, the viper of a tapestry needle impaled itself into my well padded derriere. I immediately jumped up and ran over to my devoted husband. He didn't even have to ask, he could see the yarn, followed by my sweater, being pulled across the den. Being an engineer, he quickly determined that I had sat down on the tapestry needle. I really don't think so! I believe the needle morphed into a Python (with its tail all coiled up) and was ready to attack!

So knitting can be a dangerous activity. You can be certain that I will scan the territory for wild critters more carefully in the future.

And please don't stress. My tetanus shot is up to date......

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Beverly said...

Ouch! I'm glad it wasn't more serious!!

Thanks for the giggle!

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