Friday, June 27, 2008

Good News/Bad News

Ok, let's get the bad news over with quickly. Since summer is normally a slow time at a certain local yarn shop and given all the craziness with gas prices, well, recent sales have been slow. That makes it really hard for me to order a wide variety of new exciting products.

So the good news is a more "narrow" variety of exciting products have arrived this week.

~ Indie Dyer Hand dyed sock yarn; 80% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon. 450 yds $25/skein
~ Misti Alpaca Chunky - several new hand painted colors and favorite oldies\
~ Misti Alpaca Lace - eggplant (gorgeous)
~ NORO - Daria cord - several fun colors
~ Jojoland - Melody yarn for the Swirl, Travelling Leaves and Beartracks shawls
~ Just One More Row patterns - multidirectional knitting designs
~ Brittany - 14in Single Point needles
~ Moving Mud - hand blown closures (circles & sticks)
~ Crippenworks needle cases ("straights" holds up to 40 pairs, DP holds up to 14 pair and "circulars" holds up to 20 circular needles)

Coming Monday:
~ Berroco - fall books and yarn

We hope to see you soon, Laura (and staff)

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