Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maggie's Rags Workshop - Helix Knitting

Maggie of Maggie's Rags will be here Saturday, September 13th to teach the Helix Knitting Workshop.
If you aren't able to go on the Windjammer Cruise off the coast of Maine with her and attend workshops, try this one on land.
Learn to knit circular stripes with absolutely no jogs. No one will ever find your beginning or end of round. Use as few as two colors or as many as you like. Class will cover casting on, shaping, intro to circular needles and dp needles.
The workshop is from 1-4pm and costs $65.

PS Maggie is also the author of the Knitting Answer Book. Bring yours along (or purchase one here) and have her sign it for you.

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