Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ski Vacation

It came and went so quickly; do you remember the relentless rain we had 2 Saturdays ago? It stayed with us all the way to SugarBush valley in Vermont. We met our daughter and son-in-law and enjoyed a lovely dinner. Then the 50 mph winds started, blew open the B&B front door and we were welcomed Sunday morning with snow in the foyer and no electricity.

When it became apparent that no ski lifts would start up on Sunday (they were encased in several inches of ice), we opted to go sledding on the golf course that is adjacent to the B&B.

By the way, I recommend the Beaver Pond B&B to those of you that enjoy a small (4 bedrooms) and intimate setting. The living room and dining room are lovely and comfy; the breakfasts (and afternoon treats) are most enjoyable. There's even an outdoor hot tub (no, I won't show you those photos). http://www.beaverpondfarminn.com/
I took several knitting projects to work on in the afternoons (between ski time and dinner time) however, after a full day of skiing, and then slipping into the hot tub (heavenly) to loosen up muscles that hadn't been used..... I actually napped before dinner. Imagine! I couldn't even muster enough energy to knit a few rows. The only knitting I did was in the car up and back.

This is me and my son-in-law Matt. Can you see the ice on the trees? We skied down one trail where the branches were completely bent into the center of the trail; we had to push our arms through the iced branches (poor birch trees....) Another time, our chairlift was encased in ice. It was like sitting on an ice cube all the way up the mountain.
Here's a peek of the sun on Tuesday in the background.
It was great fun to see our children, relax and take a break. And if any of you are skiers, there is so much snow in the valley - heck! They'll be skiing in June.
Now, back to work.....Louet linen just arrived and needs stickers.

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