Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sally Melville is coming to Creative Fibers

Mark your calendars for Saturday & Sunday December 1st and 2nd. Sally will be teaching four different workshops in addition to a book signing; maybe an evening talk on Sat. as well. Or, would you be interested in having dinner with her? Let us know so we can structure her time with us.
Workshops being offered:

Saturday December 1st 9am - noon
First Choices/Basic Shapes - no matter how advanced or accomplished we are, we run the risk of producing garments that look awful! Why? We make a decision in the first 20 minutes of the project that dooms it to failure. What are theses decisions? Yarn, color, stitch pattern and silhouette. Skill level - anyone

Saturday December 1st 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Stripes and Stripes that Aren't - Stripes...oh so easy to knit, but who can wear them? The truth is that everyone can both knit and wear them. This workshop explores the ways to build stripes and match stripes. And then you'll play with simple stitch patterns that knit like stripes but don't look like stripes! Skill level - intermediate.
Sunday December 2nd 9am - noon
Borders & Buttonholes explores the best techniques for these finishing that make such a difference in our knitted garments. The class covers basic maneuvers, four or more basic edge stitch patterns and the very best buttonholes. Participants will never again struggle with instructions to "pick up and knit 137 sts along right front" nor with the question of how to make virtually invisible buttonholes. Skill level - beyond beginner

Sunday December 2nd 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Emergency Measures
- sometimes the most insight comes from the struggle one faces when something goes REALLY wrong! But there are remedies for most any kind of disaster in knitting. Using these can turn a problem into a wearable garment while teaching us to be more intuitive and more confident knitters. Skill level - beyond beginner

Workshops are 3 hours, $75, and may include pre-work. More details to follow.


Donna said...

I put the dates on my calendar now. I really want to take these classes. I like your blog too. So inspiring.
I joined the Yahoo Tofutsies group and I want to learn more about the limited edition colors.
The Blue Moon yarns are great colors.
Now to find a place to buy more time for knitting. LOL!

Deb said...

I would love to have dinner with her. Who wouldn't? If I have some time free the workshops sound great!

(Deb Baker)

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